Friday, July 22, 2011

One Beautiful Embryo

So my TWO WEEK WAIT begins.
We got the wonderful news that one of our embryos survived and was looking good.... i was over the moon. I nearly burst out crying to the guy on the phone...
I went in on Wednesday for transfer..  and all went smoothly and they said that the embryo was great and look exactly like it should. (very good sign)
So now we wait and pray.
I'm feeling so lucky and blessed right now... to know that there is a little healthy embryo inside..
I really really hope this is the one for us.. it is amazing how much peace i feel at the moment, going from feeling that this cycle was taking a nose dive and stressing like crazy to now having a embryo transferred,, it feels nice to relax alittle..
Here is to the next two weeks, and hoping that our little bean sticks. x

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A lonely Two

So my egg retrieval was 2 days ago, we got 6 eggs.. which was good, not great but still good... was really hoping for more but we could work with 6.

Then yesterday we got the devastating news that only 2 survived the night and fertilised. I was beyond devastated.
2 is all we have left... i know it only takes one!!!!! but to only have two to work with is just so upsetting. I feel like i have gone through all of this for nothing. I refuse to lose hope but when we keep getting knocked down it is so hard.

I'm not really the praying type but i am praying so hard that these two little ones stay strong and continue to grow.. i will be updated on Monday to see how they are, then i wont know til wed when i go in for transfer if any have survived..

Hope you will all send positive thoughts are way. xx

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Due Date Angel. xx

Yesterday was my Due Date for my Angel Sienna..
How i wish yesterday could have been different.. i should have had the hugest belly and had a pretty pink nursery all set up. I would have been so ready for her. I was ready for her, I wanted her so so much. Some times it feels all like a bad dream.
I didn't really do anything... I was sad all day.
I Just hope she knows how loved she is and how much we really wanted to bring her home..

IVF Update: So yesterday was extra crappy as i went in for a scan to check on my progress.. I had only about 5 follicles that were the right size or headed that way.. I'm pretty upset. Last cycle i was 2 days behind this and my count was way better and this time my dose is a little higher.. i know it doesn't spell doom... my clinic doesn't like you to get too many eggs and they said this was fine and not to worry.... but this time i really wanted more than last time.
so I'm a little disappointed.. I'm going through everything and I'm sure i did it all right, I'm just annoyed that my body didn't want to play the game this time..
I have decided that it is out of my hands tho and i will have to stop stressing.. tigger will be on wed night for a Friday collection.. Fingers crossed all goes to plan (my plan that is) :o)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pin Cushion

So apart from feeling like a pin cushion, things seem to be going well. I had my scan yesterday to see how things were progressing.. and the follicles seem to be growing.. most seemed small still but it was early days.  The clinic rang and said to have a repeat scan and blood work on Monday and looks like a scheduled retrieval on the Friday.  It was either Monday or Friday but as much as i don't want to wait and do another week of meds i would rather my body be ready, so hopefully it will be by Friday.
Last night i started the second lot of injections and i can say that i am not a fan... Its a bigger needle and more pressure is required.. but it is so nice to have Mr J home to help..

Monday, July 4, 2011

On your marks.. get set....Go

So a new post from me... yay. I have to admit I'm not really a blogger i want to be, just when i think of writting a post something else always comes up..

So anyways.... IVF cycle number 2 has started... we are all Go..
Today is day 4 and my 3rd day of meds.
I really under estimated the emotional side of ivf... I've been waiting to start and have been more than ready to start and then when it came to doing my first needle i started to freak out abit... not about the needle itself but about all the factors involved....what if we don't get enough eggs... what if this fails...aaarggghh it lead to a very emotional 2 days.. but now we have started and i need to suck it up.. i need to remember it is all out of my hands and what will be will be.. and if we fail..we go again.

Overall I'm feeling fine. I did however wake up with what feels like the first of the flu, so a day on the couch it is for me... and I'm going to enjoy every second of it before my working week starts tomorrow.

Friday morning i will have a scan to see how i am progressing and Friday afternoon Mr J comes home.. i am super excited, it has been too long.. 8 long weeks does nothing for my emotions right now so it will be nice to have him home..