Friday, February 17, 2012

33 weeks.

Yay. We made it another week. Im so greatful. Everyday she is in me is a bonus. I did have another bleed and got rushed upstairs for monitoring but all seemed to settle down and we've made it a few more days. The doctors keep telling me if she comes tomorrow she'll do fine. But of course they don't know for sure which is scary.
My big girl is coming to visit me next weekend so i have my sights set on that. That will make me 34 weeks and thats one of my goals to get too. Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate the thoughts. Sorry for not commenting lately... Doesn't let me on my phone... But have been continuing to read. So keep posting so Im not bored. Lol.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

32 WEEKS And a hospital stay.

So Im 32 WEEKS And as of 2 nights ago been admitted to hospital til Bubby is here. I have a complete placenta previa and after a big bleed Im now in here for good. All will depend on how the bleeding goes and how happy Bubby is to stay in there. Hopefully i can last atleast a few more weeks. Leaving my 7 year old 4 hours away has been horrible but i know both she and i are in good hands.
I missed my own baby shower by 12 hours. I was so excited for it...oh well looks like princess will get to have her own baby shower/welcome home when she is here.
Please keep us in your thoughts.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Weeks

My golly.... Time just flys when your having fun...
So we are now 30 weeks... which still amazes me some days.. Im loving being pregnant..
Although the summer heat has me sweating like nothing else.. kinda gross i know but that is my main belly is getting so big now, its getting hard to breathe at times..

She seems like the sweetest little love already and im adoring her streatching limbs in my belly...she must be geting a little squished now, so instead of kicks its more like a limb being push against the inside of my stomach.. She has hiccups quiet often too which is nice.. (maybe not for her poor love)

We had our 3D/4D scan afew weeks ago and she looks just like her big sister... exact same nose..hehehe
but so so cute... Just cant wait to meet her for real.

Her room is complete... hehe i like to be organised...
next is our baby shower in two weeks time... im really excited to catch up with all my friends and have lunch..

I will leave you with a sneak peek at our Princess.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

19 weeks... new update.

So i thought maybe a time for an update seen as the last time i wrote was 10 weeks ago... I say it time and time again... i am a really bad

I am now 19 weeks in to this pregnancy with our little princess.... Yep we are having a GIRL...
We had an amino at 15 weeks and got news 2 weeks later that bubby is healthy.. So we celebrated by telling the world... starting with Miss O..
It was the hardest job keeping it a secret from a 6 year old but i really wanted to protect her and make sure bub was OK and we had the best chance at bringing a baby home..
She is over the moon and just cant wait to feel the baby kick... which she seems to miss every time at this stage.. I however am loving the little kicks from the babe. I also brought a heart monitor...just a cheap one from eBay, that works great and reassures me when i need it. Miss O has also loved listening to the bubs heartbeat.
Daddy felt the baby kick for the first time the other week, such a special moment.
I'm feeling really good, still have the occasional freak out moment... but I'm sure as a babyloss mum i am entitled to these moments.
I really am trying to enjoy every moment... in case we chose this to be our last ( but i am highly doubting that i could say no to a few more rounds of ivf to get another miracle) but hey one at a time...hehe
I really thought i might be having a boy (all my cravings pointed to it )then the last few weeks before the amino i was slightly undecided so I'm just amazed that it is a little girl.
This means buying all new pink stuff and getting the room ready..which  has gotten me super excited, even though I've kinda stalled at buying a cot set...such a hard choice.. :o)

So next week i just have to get through the 20 week scan, which I'm excited and scared about.. the we are half way there.

Glad to hear there is some awesome news coming from the world of blogger.... lots of egg retrievals and frozen transfers and new pregnancies, GOOD LUCK to all.

Much love and wishes to everyone.. xx

Saturday, September 3, 2011

grateful and stressed

So here we are just over 9 weeks pregnant and still bleeding...
I had a scan at 7 weeks and bubby measured right on track after a massive gush of bright red blood..
Had another scan at 8 weeks after bleeding for 5 days bubby still there and nice heart beat... now been bleeding all week and don't have a doctors appointment for another 2 weeks... think i might try bring it forward..
I am stressed to say the least..
don't get me wrong i am so grateful that this baby is hanging in there.. i just feel that any moment it could all end and i am on edge all day everyday..
I want to enjoy these moments so when i have a beautiful baby in my arms i can laugh about it (well maybe not laugh) but i feel that the bleeding is sucking everything out of me and i have nothing left...

We have worked so hard to get here, and i am in total love with this little one inside me..
I have read that some times its all OK and they never find a cause for the bleeding but that is hard to try understand.. I want a reason and to know my baby is OK..

Thanks for the rant, i hope to feel more sain again soon... If you could spare some positive thoughts it would be much appreciated. x

Today is Fathers Day... so Happy Fathers day to all the daddy's and all the daddy's to angels out there..

Happy fathers day to my man, he is the best father and man i know. I hope next fathers day we have a little addition to make the day even more special.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just a quick update from the other days post.
The bleeding has stopped...Thank God....
I got in for a scan first thing Monday morning and there was a tiny baby, measuring just under 6 weeks (she said it is hard to measure accurately when they are that small) and the best thing of all is there was a beautiful little heart beating away @127bpm.
My ovaries were covered in a few cysts.. mainly from the ivf and she could not seem to see a bleed.
I get to pick the report up tomorrow so i will see what it says.. but so far it has calmed my nerves.. Fingers crossed it all stays well.
Thanks for the well wishes, it was much appreciated.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fingers crossed all is ok.!

So this wasn't the announcement i had hoped for, but today i could really use the extra prays and good thoughts.

So after our IVF a few weeks ago... we were so excited to get a BFP...
Everything seemed to be going great, then today  @ 6 weeks.....i started bleeding.
I'm remaining positive and went for bloods today to see how my levels are.
I am praying so hard that everything is going to be OK.
I did bleed with one of my other pregnancies, and we lost him for unrelated issues so I'm trying to tell my self that it is going to be fine and the baby is growing well.
If you could spare a positive thought for me and my little bean tonight it would be much appreciated.