Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just a quick update from the other days post.
The bleeding has stopped...Thank God....
I got in for a scan first thing Monday morning and there was a tiny baby, measuring just under 6 weeks (she said it is hard to measure accurately when they are that small) and the best thing of all is there was a beautiful little heart beating away @127bpm.
My ovaries were covered in a few cysts.. mainly from the ivf and she could not seem to see a bleed.
I get to pick the report up tomorrow so i will see what it says.. but so far it has calmed my nerves.. Fingers crossed it all stays well.
Thanks for the well wishes, it was much appreciated.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fingers crossed all is ok.!

So this wasn't the announcement i had hoped for, but today i could really use the extra prays and good thoughts.

So after our IVF a few weeks ago... we were so excited to get a BFP...
Everything seemed to be going great, then today  @ 6 weeks.....i started bleeding.
I'm remaining positive and went for bloods today to see how my levels are.
I am praying so hard that everything is going to be OK.
I did bleed with one of my other pregnancies, and we lost him for unrelated issues so I'm trying to tell my self that it is going to be fine and the baby is growing well.
If you could spare a positive thought for me and my little bean tonight it would be much appreciated.