Friday, February 17, 2012

33 weeks.

Yay. We made it another week. Im so greatful. Everyday she is in me is a bonus. I did have another bleed and got rushed upstairs for monitoring but all seemed to settle down and we've made it a few more days. The doctors keep telling me if she comes tomorrow she'll do fine. But of course they don't know for sure which is scary.
My big girl is coming to visit me next weekend so i have my sights set on that. That will make me 34 weeks and thats one of my goals to get too. Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate the thoughts. Sorry for not commenting lately... Doesn't let me on my phone... But have been continuing to read. So keep posting so Im not bored. Lol.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

32 WEEKS And a hospital stay.

So Im 32 WEEKS And as of 2 nights ago been admitted to hospital til Bubby is here. I have a complete placenta previa and after a big bleed Im now in here for good. All will depend on how the bleeding goes and how happy Bubby is to stay in there. Hopefully i can last atleast a few more weeks. Leaving my 7 year old 4 hours away has been horrible but i know both she and i are in good hands.
I missed my own baby shower by 12 hours. I was so excited for it...oh well looks like princess will get to have her own baby shower/welcome home when she is here.
Please keep us in your thoughts.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Weeks

My golly.... Time just flys when your having fun...
So we are now 30 weeks... which still amazes me some days.. Im loving being pregnant..
Although the summer heat has me sweating like nothing else.. kinda gross i know but that is my main belly is getting so big now, its getting hard to breathe at times..

She seems like the sweetest little love already and im adoring her streatching limbs in my belly...she must be geting a little squished now, so instead of kicks its more like a limb being push against the inside of my stomach.. She has hiccups quiet often too which is nice.. (maybe not for her poor love)

We had our 3D/4D scan afew weeks ago and she looks just like her big sister... exact same nose..hehehe
but so so cute... Just cant wait to meet her for real.

Her room is complete... hehe i like to be organised...
next is our baby shower in two weeks time... im really excited to catch up with all my friends and have lunch..

I will leave you with a sneak peek at our Princess.