Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let the Roller Coaster begin.

So AF came today, early mind you... wasn't enough that it had to come at all but early....hmmm!. 
I knew that it would and we had assumed i wouldn't get pregnant this month. but it cant hurt to try right?? If i did get pregnant this month it would mean i would miss out on our scheduled July IVF... but i was kind of hoping that my body would give me one last chance before another round of IVF.  Like the stories you hear... "oh i had IVF then fell pregnant naturally"....aaarrrggghh So I'm a little bit sad, sad that i feel my body fails me each time, sad that i like to think Pupo, then i always get proven wrong and sad that now the roller coaster ride begins.. I will start taking the pill tomorrow to get my cycle in sync for when Mr J is home from work and we can have our new cycle of IVF in July. I am excited to have this plan, don't get me wrong.... i just want to start, i was ready to start months ago. I'm just really ready to have a healthy baby in my belly...(then in my arms)
I'm just feeling a bit sad and sorry for my self, so bedtime for me because tomorrow is a new day.....and Mr J's Birthday so how can it not be a good day.

Now to spend the next 8 weeks getting my body in tip top shape to house a little bean... eeekk Wish me luck. xx

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy list Saturday

My happy list for Saturday or in my case Sunday. Thanks to Natasha over at My Angel baby Aiden William for allowing this to happen and for me to be apart.

I don't have a huge list this week as Mr J went back to work yesterday for his long 8 weeks away and it always makes me feel a little glum. :(
But i am thankful for
  • Ebay. I received some little packages that i had purchased his week from eBay.. so cheap..brought some beads and charms for my latest craft adventure and they were all less then half the price i could have brought them for in the shop here.
  • Little things. The little things like Mr J getting to do the school drop off while i stayed in my Pj's.. and having breakfast cooked for me..
  • Pasta. I love pasta and could eat it all the time, so quick to cook too.
  • Coffee. Such a simple thing but nothing better than a coffee. Even went down the park and had coffee with two of my gorgeous friends today.
  • Website. A new website i came across, have not really worked it out yet but it has some very cool picture. Makes me feel all creative for some reason. It is
  • Babyloss mummas. Although i would never wish for anyone to be apart of this group nor do i wish i was apart of it. there are some wonderful inspiring women that are going through the same thoughts and feelings and the same struggles as i am and i don't know many of them personally but from what i do know they are all awesome.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and hope happiness come to you again this week.
Much Love. x

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home After Bliss In Fiji

We are home after a wonderful week in Fiji with the in laws, it was great to relax, swim and explore. I'm still feeling like i have been hit by a bus tho.. i always feel like i need a holiday after a holiday. travelling takes so much out of me, but at least i had an extra few days before i went back to work.

Fiji was so nice, the weather was warm, the sun was shining. it only rain on the last day. Miss O had the best time swimming in the pool, she swims so well. and it was so lovely to have the in laws there to play with her...

Mr J and I celebrated our anniversary while were were there so we had a nice romantic dinner for two on the beach. It was very special.. and we even had a few cocktails ..

I'm sure i will talk more about Fiji later.....
But while i was gone, i didn't have a computer so i had a few blog updates to read when i got home... i read some wonderful things and feel the hugest need to say congratulations..
Mary over at The Great Elephant Symposium for her BFP.. Well done Mary and i wish you all the best.
and to
Princess Wahna Bea Mama at The Princess and the pee stick for her BFP also... this was one of the first blogs i started reading and have loved every minute of it and am so stocked for her outcome.

Much love to everyone.