Saturday, September 3, 2011

grateful and stressed

So here we are just over 9 weeks pregnant and still bleeding...
I had a scan at 7 weeks and bubby measured right on track after a massive gush of bright red blood..
Had another scan at 8 weeks after bleeding for 5 days bubby still there and nice heart beat... now been bleeding all week and don't have a doctors appointment for another 2 weeks... think i might try bring it forward..
I am stressed to say the least..
don't get me wrong i am so grateful that this baby is hanging in there.. i just feel that any moment it could all end and i am on edge all day everyday..
I want to enjoy these moments so when i have a beautiful baby in my arms i can laugh about it (well maybe not laugh) but i feel that the bleeding is sucking everything out of me and i have nothing left...

We have worked so hard to get here, and i am in total love with this little one inside me..
I have read that some times its all OK and they never find a cause for the bleeding but that is hard to try understand.. I want a reason and to know my baby is OK..

Thanks for the rant, i hope to feel more sain again soon... If you could spare some positive thoughts it would be much appreciated. x

Today is Fathers Day... so Happy Fathers day to all the daddy's and all the daddy's to angels out there..

Happy fathers day to my man, he is the best father and man i know. I hope next fathers day we have a little addition to make the day even more special.