Saturday, November 12, 2011

19 weeks... new update.

So i thought maybe a time for an update seen as the last time i wrote was 10 weeks ago... I say it time and time again... i am a really bad

I am now 19 weeks in to this pregnancy with our little princess.... Yep we are having a GIRL...
We had an amino at 15 weeks and got news 2 weeks later that bubby is healthy.. So we celebrated by telling the world... starting with Miss O..
It was the hardest job keeping it a secret from a 6 year old but i really wanted to protect her and make sure bub was OK and we had the best chance at bringing a baby home..
She is over the moon and just cant wait to feel the baby kick... which she seems to miss every time at this stage.. I however am loving the little kicks from the babe. I also brought a heart monitor...just a cheap one from eBay, that works great and reassures me when i need it. Miss O has also loved listening to the bubs heartbeat.
Daddy felt the baby kick for the first time the other week, such a special moment.
I'm feeling really good, still have the occasional freak out moment... but I'm sure as a babyloss mum i am entitled to these moments.
I really am trying to enjoy every moment... in case we chose this to be our last ( but i am highly doubting that i could say no to a few more rounds of ivf to get another miracle) but hey one at a time...hehe
I really thought i might be having a boy (all my cravings pointed to it )then the last few weeks before the amino i was slightly undecided so I'm just amazed that it is a little girl.
This means buying all new pink stuff and getting the room ready..which  has gotten me super excited, even though I've kinda stalled at buying a cot set...such a hard choice.. :o)

So next week i just have to get through the 20 week scan, which I'm excited and scared about.. the we are half way there.

Glad to hear there is some awesome news coming from the world of blogger.... lots of egg retrievals and frozen transfers and new pregnancies, GOOD LUCK to all.

Much love and wishes to everyone.. xx


  1. Great that you're back and everything is going so well :)) So lovely that you could tell your 6 y/o good news... I can't wait until we can do that for our DD. Those little kicks are so magical :)) Love always xoxo

  2. Glad to hear things are going well:) Hope your 20 week scan brings good news.